#TT108G – Muskellunge 24K Plated Tie Tac


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Manufacturer Name: George G Harris’ Wildlife Collection
TT108G – Muskellunge 24K Plated Tie Tac

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Esox masquinongy, 1″ X .2″. This sculpted 24K Gold Plated Muskellunge Tie Tac is expertly crafted into wearable game fish art, sure to please the toothy super-predatory musky fishing enthusiast.

Our especially detailed Tie Tacs are cast in lead-free Fine Pewter and then electroplated in a multi-step process with a durable 24K Gold finish. They have a long smooth nail and spring-loaded clutch with chain and T-bar as shown above. Made to work easily with even the thickest necktie. All designs © GG Harris.

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