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This Fine Pewter Collection has grown out of my fascination with wildlife and the desire to capture its diversity in detailed, accurate, and affordable pieces of wearable art.

My interest in wildlife was firmly established at an early age through countless visits to museums, zoos, hiking, and fishing trips, and by keeping all sorts of pets. This appreciation was further enhanced while earning degrees in Biology and Natural Resource Conservation.

Combining this with my childhood compulsion to sculpt mashed potatoes at the dinner table, becoming a wildlife sculptor was not only logical but inevitable. Thirty years and more than 2500 designs later, the compulsion continues.

I sculpt each original design at its actual size and then make precision molds from them, capturing even the finest details. Working with my brother Jim and our skilled production team, we hand-pour and finish every piece in a 20-step process. The work is cast in lead-free Fine Pewter, a jeweler's alloy which maintains its antiqued look indefinitely. We've been producing the highest quality Fine Pewter castings since 1984, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

All of our designs are offered with Antiqued Pewter and 24K Gold Plated finishes. Many are also produced as Keychains, Pendants, Mini-Pins, and Tie Tacs. The credit for our beautiful Hand Painted pins goes to Michele Kortbawi-Wilk. Her meticulous acrylic painting is sealed with a durable gloss coat to create an especially striking piece of wearable wildlife art/jewelry.

Our Fine Pewter Wildlife and Dog Breed castings have universal appeal! They're sold worldwide through numerous markets, specialty shops, and online stores. Thousands of non-profits, schools, conservation groups, and businesses have used our pieces for awards, recognition, fundraising, and resale. We welcome other artists and craftspeople to incorporate our castings into their work, and we are glad to supply them on a wholesale basis. Whether you're looking for a handful of pieces or a much larger quantity, we would sincerely enjoy working with you.

Thank you for visiting our website... and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

George G. Harris