#P448G – Goat 24K Gold Plated Pendant


6 or more: $18.95 each
12 or more: $17.95 each
24 or more: $16.95 each

Manufacturer Name: George G Harris’ Wildlife Collection

P448G – Goat 24K Gold Plated Pendant

Blister Box Packaging


Capra aegagrus hircus, 1.3″ long X 1.2″ tall. This sculpted 24K Gold Plated Goat Pendant is expertly crafted into wearable farm animal art, sure to please the Goat milk cheese, herder and hobby farming enthusiast.

Our especially detailed Gold Plated Pendants are cast in lead-free Fine Pewter and then electroplated in a multi-step process with a durable 24K Gold finish. Pendants come with a Gold Plated bail as shown above, ready to put on your own chain. All designs © GG Harris.

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